Volume 38 , Number 3October 16, 2017

2018 Teacher of the Year Finalists

Surprise! GCPS ‘drops in’ to announce six TOTY finalists
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Six finalists have been selected from 25 semifinalists in GCPS' Teacher of the Year competition.
The county's top teacher and level winners will be named Nov. 9.

For six Gwinnett teachers, the day started like any other… students arrived, the bell rang, and lessons commenced. But then, the visitors arrived. And by visitors, we mean folks with cameras, balloons, and congratulatory signs like you might see with the “sweepstakes prize patrol.” On Oct. 12, the selected teachers were surprised with the news that they had been named one of half a dozen finalists for GCPS Teacher of the Year (TOTY).

Congratulations to these honored teachers!
Ebony Flott
Camp Creek ES
4th Grade Teacher
Dr. Doug Doblar
Head ES

Mathematics and Science Teacher  (Grades 4 and 5)
Cheri Nations
North Gwinnett MS
STEM Teacher
(Grades 6–8)
John Chvatal
Brookwood HS
AP and Gifted Biology Teacher (Grades 9-12)
Michelle E. Jones
Gwinnett Online Campus
Mathematics Teacher
(Grades 9-12)
Amy Crisp
Norcross HS
ESOL Teacher –
Language Arts
(Grades 9–12)

The finalists were selected from a group of 25 semifinalists honored last month. The TOTY contest began with a field of 138 local school TOTYs named earlier in September. For the six finalists, the next step includes interviews and classroom observations by a selection committee made up of former TOTYs, administrators, and central office staff. On Nov. 9, at a gala banquet attended by all 138 teachers, the district will announce the county TOTY and level winners. Stay tuned!
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Congratulations to our
2017-18 Teacher of the Year Semifinalists!
Tracey Gatling of Baggett ES,
5th Grade Teacher

*John Chvatal of Brookwood HS,
AP and Gifted Biology Teacher
(Grades 9–12)

Amy Howell of Burnette ES,
2nd Grade Teacher

*Ebony Flott of Camp Creek ES,
4th Grade Teacher

Jenny Chambless of Chattahoochee ES,
Music Teacher (Grades K–5)
Melissa Tijerina of Chesney ES,
3rd Grade Teacher

Garnet Messer of Couch MS,
Social Studies Teacher (Grade 7)
*Michelle E. Jones of
Gwinnett Online Campus,
Mathematics Teacher (Grades 9–12)
*Dr. Doug Doblar of Head ES,
Mathematics and Science Teacher (Grades 4 and 5)
Anthony Dramis of Hull MS,
Mathematics Teacher (Grade 8)

Michelle Morea of Lanier HS,
Theater Teacher (Grades 9–12)

Tonya May of Lawrenceville ES, Kindergarten Teacher
Paige Brandon of Level Creek ES,
Special Education Teacher – Autism Spectrum Disorder (Grades K–1)
Heather Glenn of McKendree ES,
4th Grade Teacher

Dr. Regan Jubirt of Meadowcreek ES, English to Speakers of Other Languages Teacher (Grades 1–3)
Nora Neff of Mill Creek HS, Language Arts, Journalism, Newspaper, and Yearbook Teacher (Grades 9–12)
Tammy McIntyre of Moore MS,
Media Specialist (Grades 6–8)
Lynn Walton of Mulberry ES,
Special Education Teacher (Pre-K)
*Amy Crisp of Norcross HS,
English to Speakers of Other Languages Teacher – Language Arts (Grades 9–12)

*Cheri Nations of North Gwinnett MS,
STEM Teacher (Grades 6–8)
Kathy Spruiell of Norton ES,
Instructional Coach and Specialist – Mathematics (Grades K–5)

Sarah Tiller of Puckett’s Mill ES, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Teacher (Grade 5)
Chanda Robinson of Richards MS,
Language Arts Teacher (Grade 7)
Dr. Maxine T. Amritt of Simonton ES,
5th Grade Teacher

Becca Menchaca of Winn Holt ES,
4th Grade Teacher

*Denotes finalist
Learn more about our Finalists and Semifinalists
on the district website.

Our 25 TOTY semifinalists come from every Board district and school level. Whether special education teachers, subject-focused specialists, intervention teachers, or gifted education teachers, these top teachers believe in the power and the Promise of what we do in Gwinnett County Public Schools. On the staff “Promise” page, throughout October and November, learn more about these honored educators and how they deliver on The Promise of Gwinnett.

Pictured left to right:

Front Row:
Dr. Regan Jubirt, Becca Menchaca, Tonya May, Tammy McIntyre, Tracey Gatling, Jenny Chambless, Cheri Nations, Melissa Tijerina,
and Kathy Spruiell

2nd Row:
Amy Howell, Ebony Flott, Sarah Tiller, Garnet Messer, Lynn Walton, Michelle E. Jones, Nora Neff,
and Michelle Morea

3rd Row:
John Chvatal, Dr. Maxine T. Amritt, Dr. Doug Doblar, Chanda Robinson, Amy Crisp, Heather Glenn, Anthony Dramis,
and Paige Brandon

Photos by Bruce Halliburton

Thank you to the sponsors for this year’s event!

  • Presenting Sponsor: Peach State Credit Union
  • Platinum Sponsors: Balfour, Emtec, Hayes Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Lifetouch, and VALIC
  • Gold Sponsors: Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, Inc., and IBM
  • Silver Sponsors: J Smith Lanier & Company, Junior Achievement of Georgia, and Kroger
  • Bronze Sponsors: Celia Brien, Classworks, Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund, Inc., HMH, Horizon Software, MetLife, Pearson Education, and Performance Matters
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  • Share feedback with Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey
    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    The week of Oct. 16, GCPS employees will be invited to take a engagement survey.
    The goal of the survey is to create a stronger workplace.
    The survey takes just five minutes and is available 24/7 online, at work or at home.
    The deadline to participate is Oct. 30.

    Engaged teachers, leaders, and staff are essential to student success. We know that employees who have opportunities to learn and grow, who have a plan for their long-term career, and who are connected to the ultimate “customer”— that is, our students— are more productive and more engaged.

    Great places for educators and other staff members to work are naturally great places for students to learn.
    Gwinnett County Public Schools is once again partnering with the Gallup Organization to conduct the Q12 Engagement Survey for our teachers, leaders, and other school and district staff members. The goal of the survey is to create a stronger workplace by identifying areas of strength and growth within our schools and at the district level. Engagement is about more than satisfaction or climate. It’s the connection employees feel to their job. The survey results will provide a scientific snapshot of the way staff members feel, behave, and interact every day.

    The week of Oct. 16, every GCPS employee will receive an email invitation to participate in the Gwinnett County Public Schools Q12 Employee Engagement Survey. The invitation includes an access code and a link to Gallup’s website where employees will complete the online Q12 survey. The survey consists of 12 general engagement questions and two questions specific to GCPS.

    The five-minute survey is taken online via a secure website maintained by Gallup, a trusted and independent research organization that has been around for more than 70 years. The survey is accessible online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from work or home. The deadline to complete the survey is Oct. 30.

    Gallup collects all the responses, analyzes the data, and compiles a series of reports for GCPS overall and for our schools. GCPS only receives school and division level data, which ensures individual employee confidentiality.

    Participating in the survey allows employees to express their opinions and help make a difference in their school or department, but it is not mandatory. However, district leaders are hoping for 100% participation so that we will have the most accurate and complete picture of employee engagement in our district.
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    Cybercriminals target APS, Fulton Schools payroll:
    Safeguard your personal information with these tips

    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    Cybercriminals targeted payroll for some metro Atlanta districts.
    GCPS continues to focus on protecting staff and their data.
    Employees should educate themselves, know the red flags of phishing scams, and take additional precautions.

    Recent news stories have reported how hackers were able to reroute the paychecks of dozens of local teachers in Atlanta Public Schools and Fulton County Schools. These cases are being investigated by law enforcement and should serve as a warning to all of us. It appears that cybercriminals lured unsuspecting employees into clicking on a fake link through a phishing scam that gave the unauthorized individuals access to log-in information that was then used to change the employee direct deposits to go to a prepaid debit card account. The result was that the employees’ direct deposit was rerouted to accounts set up by thieves.
    In Gwinnett County Public Schools we continue to focus on cybersecurity concerns, adding to processes already in place to further protect our employees and their data. For example, a review process has been added to address requests for changes to direct deposit accounts.

    However, GCPS Information Security Officer Arden Peterkin says it is important for employees to educate themselves about steps they need to take to protect their data and online accounts. “Phishing scams are becoming more and more common,” he says. “It is important for individuals to recognize ‘red flags’ and to take additional security precautions, such as strong passwords and two factor authentication, to avoid becoming a victim of a cybercriminal.”

    In past issues of Education Briefs, we have shared tips for protecting yourself against online scams, including a targeted scam known as Spear Phishing. Here are just a few reminders.

    — When you receive a suspicious email... Do not reply or forward the email to others. Do not open any attachments within the email. Do not click on any website links provided in the message.

    — Be aware of red flags... Red flags include misspelled words and poor grammar. The scam email might also include an urgent, sensational subject line. Typically, legitimate businesses will not request to verify your username, password, account number, or other sensitive information via an unsolicited email. If the message claims that it’s from your financial institution or credit card company, call a phone number you trust (not from the email) to verify.

    — If you receive a suspicious email... Report it to your Technology Support Technician (TST) or Local School Technology Coordinator (LSTC), or contact Customer Support at 678-301-6547. Forward any suspicious emails that contain attachments or links to Phishing_SPAM@gwinnett.k12.ga.us. Delete the suspicious email from your Inbox, Sent folder, and Trash folder.
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    GCPS averages on redesigned SAT top state, nation
    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    The redesigned SAT was first administered in 2016.
    SAT results for the Class of 2017 reflect the new SAT.
    GCPS posted an average score 24 points higher than the national average, and 34 points above the Georgia average.

    Gwinnett’s Class of 2017 posted strong results on the redesigned SAT, first administered in the spring of 2016. The new SAT includes content, format, and scoring changes. The redesign places more emphasis on content that reflects the type of reading and math that students are most likely to encounter in college and the workplace.

    On this newest version of the SAT, Gwinnett test-takers topped state and national averages on both sections (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics) of the test. Gwinnett’s average score of 1084 was 24 points higher than the national average and 34 points higher than the state’s score of 1050. Find more Gwinnett SAT highlights and school-by-school scores online.
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    Foundation opens application window for student scholarships
    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    The catalog for GCPS Foundation Fund Scholarships is available online.
    The deadline for scholarships managed by the Foundation is Dec. 11.
    Employees and community members can contribute to the scholarship fund online.

    If you have a member of the Class of 2018 at home, your fall weekends may be filled with campus visits and work on college applications. Don’t forget to put scholarship applications on the to-do list.

    The GCPS Foundation Fund is now accepting applications from members of the GCPS Class of 2018. Annually, the Foundation awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to GCPS seniors, funded through the support of local businesses and organizations and contributions from generous staff and community members. Last year, more than 80 graduating seniors earned $115,000 in district and school-specific scholarships administered through the Foundation.

    Find the 2018 GCPS Foundation Scholarship Catalog online. Scholarships range in value from $300 to $6,000 and most are one-time awards. The deadline for scholarships managed by the Foundation is Dec. 11. (All scholarship deadlines are included in the scholarship information and clearly noted on each application.) The Foundation will announce scholarship recipients in May.
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    Open Enrollment window open Oct. 16 through Nov. 3
    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    Benefits-eligible employees must complete Open Enrollment before the OE window closes Nov. 3.
    OE elections are effective Jan. 1 for the 2018 calendar year.
    Health insurance benefits fall under the State Health Benefit Plan website while GCPS-provided benefits are handled in the Employee Portal.
    Virtual Q&A sessions are available.

    The Open Enrollment (OE) window for adding and changing benefits is open Monday, Oct. 16, through Friday, Nov. 3. Changes are effective Jan. 1 and will be in effect for the 2018 calendar year. Read on for more insurance offerings, and see your Local School Benefits Representative (LSBR) with questions.

    Plan Year 2018 Vendors for State Health Benefit Plan
    Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
    Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
    High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)
    Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
    Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), for members who live or work in the 27-county metro Atlanta service area.

    Health Insurance Benefits
    Benefits-eligible employees currently enrolled or seeking to enroll in health insurance should complete the election process via the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) website, https://myshbpga.adp.com/shbp/. Employees should register on the site, establishing a unique User Name and Password. Users will be prompted to enter SHBP-GA as the Registration Code required for Step 1. Employees who do not currently have health coverage and do not wish to enroll for the 2018 Plan Year are not required to register. Employees should print and keep a copy of their confirmation page for their files. If an employee already has a user ID, but cannot remember it, select “Forgot user ID” and follow instructions to reset.

    GCPS Benefits
    Open Enrollment changes for GCPS benefits will be made through the Online Benefits System, found on the GCPS Employee Portal. Guides, plan information, videos , and other information are available online. All benefits-eligible employees must log into the GCPS Employee Portal to confirm or update their contact information, add dependent information (if applicable), and confirm elections for GCPS-provided benefits, including dental, vision, short-term disability, legal services, and more. Again this year, GCPS was able to hold the rates on these benefits, with no rate increase.

    Open Enrollment Reminders
    — Contact Information: Employees may update and/or confirm their home address and telephone number.

    — Dependent Information: Employees seeking to enroll in family coverage must add dependent information via the Online Benefits System. (“Dependent” applies to all GCPS or local benefits, not health insurance.)

    — Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): Employees who wish to participate in a healthcare or dependent care FSA for Plan Year 2018 must enroll or re-enroll during OE. FSAs do not automatically renew each year.

    — Info Sessions: Benefits-eligible staff members receive information from their Local Site Benefits Representative (LSBR) regarding Open Enrollment, health insurance, and other benefits offered through GCPS employment. The following virtual question-and-answer sessions will be held on following dates and times:
    Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 5 p.m.
    Thursday, Oct. 26, at 6 p.m.
    Thursday, Nov. 2, at 7 p.m.
    A link will be communicated to LSBRs and posted on the Benefits portion of the Employee Portal.

    — Decision Guide: Find an overview of health insurance coverage in the state’s SHBP Decision Guide and more on GCPS-provided benefits in the school district’s Decision Guide. Both also can be found on the Employee Portal.

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    HR shares renewal reminders for certification expiring in 2018
    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    Certified staff whose certificate will expire at the end of the school year must submit renewal paper by Dec. 20.
    Induction Certificates will be renewed after May 1 to confirm the educator has completed three years of teaching with acceptable evaluation results.

    Certified staff members whose certificate will expire June 30, 2018, have until Dec. 20 to return completed renewal forms, including a Certificate Update Application, a Verification of Lawful Presence Form, and a Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Background Check Consent Form. Certificate renewal also requires professional learning, a requirement that certified staff members meet through the Professional Learning Goal in their evaluation.

    For educators holding an Induction Certificate (IN1, IN2, and IN3), those certificates will be renewed after May 1, 2018, to confirm that the teacher has completed three years of teaching and received a Proficient, Exemplary, or Satisfactory final evaluation each year.

    Employees on leave under the Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA) with plans for returning before the end of the school year will complete the renewal process when they return from leave. Employees on extended leave should contact GCPS’ Certification Office for more information on certification renewal. Call Janet Moody at 678-301-6060 or Tracy Emerson at 678-301-6070.

    Retirees who are not employed on contract and other certified staff who are not currently teaching must renew their certificate through their MyPSC account and show proof of completion of 10 PLUs/CEUs from an International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET)-approved provider or six semester hours of college coursework.
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    Thriving Children=Thriving Communities:
    GCPS United Way campaign runs through Nov. 17

    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    GCPS' United Way campaign runs through Nov. 17.
    The district's goal is $600,000 with 33% staff participation.
    The Impact Fund puts money where it can do the most good.
    Pledging to United Way is easy. Just go to the "About Me" tab in the Employee Portal and designate a tax-deductible payroll deduction (each paycheck or one-time).

    When children thrive, communities thrive. It’s that simple.

    That’s why United Way of Greater Atlanta focuses on the well-being of the nearly 1.3 million children who live in the 13-county metro Atlanta area. United Way’s Child Well-Being Index looks at 14 measures that assess how children, families, and the community are doing. Communities that can say, “all the children are well” have babies who are born healthy, kids who read proficiently by 3rd grade, and teens graduating from high school prepared for college, careers, and life. Children in healthy communities grow up in secure homes in safe neighborhoods, with healthy food and access to medical care And, they are supported by communities where people are educated, employed, and housed, with ready access to good healthcare and affordable, healthy foods.

    However, more than a quarter of the children in Gwinnett County live in communities with a low or very low Child Well-Being Score. A map of the region by ZIP code underscores how much work there is to be done before we can say every child in Gwinnett has the opportunity to reach his or her potential in a thriving community in which “all the children are well.”

    That’s where United Way and your investment of time and treasure come in. Gwinnett County Public Schools has a strong legacy of support for United Way. Last year, GCPS employees pledged $521,700 and students and special events raised another $125,726. And those resources helped more than 47,000 Gwinnett County residents supported through United Way-funded programs and initiatives.

    According to HR Critical Needs Staffing Director Keysha Robinson, donations to United Way are invested right here in the community… in initiatives like re-entry services to ease the transition back into society after incarceration, early childhood education, and SPARK Gwinnett, a competition that supports innovative local non-profits like the student-founded CARE Closets. Ms. Robinson and Staff Development Coordinator Leilani Esmond are co-chairs for GCPS’ United Way campaign.

    For the 2017 campaign, GCPS has committed to a goal of raising $600,000 in staff and student campaigns and posting staff participation of 33% or more. Making your pledge is easy. Just go to the Employee Portal, select the “About Me” tab, and go to the link for United Way to designate a tax-deductible payroll deduction. You can choose to have a set deduction each paycheck, starting in January, or request a one-time deduction, also in January. The campaign runs through Nov. 17.

    When you pledge, selecting the Impact Fund puts money to work where it can do the most good… in programs and solutions in Education, Income, Health, and Homelessness that move the needle on the key measures of child, family, and community well-being. As United Way Spokeskid Priah likes to say, the Impact Fund helps make our community “awesome.”

    So… Give! Advocate! Volunteer!
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    EB Bulletin Board

    What's new on the Bulletin Board?
    Need-to-know highlights of this story:
    Check out Bulletin Board items with the latest on... Great Days of Service, exhibitors for Career Connections event, JA volunteers, an upcoming school anniversary, Communiqué stories, recent GCPS TV videos, the next Spotlight, Perks, the approaching flu season, and commute alternatives

    Support community, schools with Great Days of Service… Again this year, GCPS schools and offices are supporting those in need in our community through Gwinnett Great Days of Service (GDOS). Donations of canned food and staples, paper goods, and personal care and cleaning items will be delivered to Gwinnett shelters, group homes, and food pantries. Drop off your donations at schools and offices Oct. 16–19. As part of GDOS, a number of school groups are participating in service projects in the community on Oct. 20 and 21. And students, staff, and community members are participating in school-based service projects as well. Register to volunteer today! GDOS is a United Way-sponsored program, coordinated by the Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services.
    GCPS seeks exhibitors for Nov. 16 Career Connections Exhibition… Spread the word! GCPS is looking for exhibitors for the district’s 4th annual Career Connections Exhibition on Nov. 16. The event will bring together close to 200 exhibitors from across the career spectrum for “show and tell” interviews and activities for the district’s Career Academy 8th graders. GCPS is seeking business people who can provide engaging presentations about what they do and what it takes to pursue a successful career in their field. There’s no cost for exhibitors to participate. If you know of potential exhibitors, point them to an exhibitor registration form online. Questions? Contact Billy Sayers in the Office of Academies and Career and Technical Education at 678-301-7050, or email william_sayers@gwinnett.k12.ga.us.
    JA Center could use some volunteers this month… Looking for an opportunity to support Gwinnett students and help prepare them for their future? At Gwinnett’s Junior Achievement (JA) Discovery Center, 6th and 8th grade students participate in an immersive simulation that helps them develop skills to better navigate today’s complex economic environment and discover how decisions made today can have an impact on tomorrow. In JA BizTown, 6th graders interact within a simulated economy and take on the role of citizen, consumer, and employee. Over at JA Finance Park, 8th grade students make the connection between their education and career, career and income, and ultimately their income and future lifestyle. Share this volunteer opportunity with friends and family or consider volunteering yourself. Volunteers are needed for several days in October. Online, find more information and register as a volunteer! Questions about volunteering at the JA center? Contact Kyle Redner by email at kredner@georgia.ja.org. The JA Center on the campus of Discovery HS, located at 1333 Old Norcross Road in Lawrenceville.
    Once a Comet, Always a Comet… Past and present students, staff, and community members are invited to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of South Gwinnett HS. Alums will take part in special activities on Nov. 10 and 11, with a community celebration set for Sunday, Nov. 12. A reception starts at 2 p.m., followed by a formal program in the school's Performing Arts Center. Online, find details on the Alumni Event, including an email address for RSVPs. Alumni also can lend school memorabilia and share their Comet stories for the celebration. Learn more on the school website.
    Find the latest from Communiqué… Communiqué is the district’s digital magazine, sporting new content several times a week. The latest posts include a celebration of our TOTY finalists and semifinalists, a thank you to a number of employee groups, and features on STEM innovation and upcoming assessments, plus calendar updates, dates and deadlines on the Bulletin Board, and the latest episode of In5ive. Coming up? More staff kudos, stories on robotics and careers, an introduction to the new Paul Duke STEM HS, GCPS TV Focus Moments, and more! Story ideas? Great photos? Feedback? Let us know at communique@gwinnett.k12.ga.us.
    Find latest Focus Moments on GCPS TV… These are just a few of the recent videos from GCPS TV:
    — School Lunch Appreciation Week: We thank our School Nutrition professionals for ensuring our students are fed and ready to learn.
    — eSTEAM academies power up learning: The Norcross Cluster middle schools--Pinckneyville MS and Summerour MS--launched eSTEAM Academy programs. Visit Summerour for the ribbon-cutting event.
    — Iconex Donation to Duluth HS: The Wildcats recently celebrated a big grant that will take STEM education to the next level at Duluth HS.
    — STEM/STEAM Recognition: Three Gwinnett County schools recently were recognized by Georgia’s School Superintendent for their STEAM/STEM certification.
    — Berkmar HS CARE Closet App: Partnering with tech companies and local food banks, Berkmar HS has unveiled a new app to aid in the logistics of their CARE Closet.
    Something to celebrate?… Share your good news with your colleagues in Spotlight. If you have earned a state or national award, earned a degree, made a presentation, or had work published, send the information to the Spotlight mailbox via Lotus Notes, or to the Communication and Media Relations Department through the courier. The fall issue will be available online soon. The deadline for the next issue is Nov. 14.
    Stretch your budget with employee discounts… Special offers and discounts from local and national businesses are as close as a computer or smartphone for GCPS employees. They're easy to find online at the Employee Perks tab on the GCPS Foundation web page or via the new app for your phone, available from Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Also, watch for occasional “perks” newsletters with rundowns on special offers and the latest deals.
    Don't forget your flu shot!… The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that citizens get their flu vaccine now for the best protection against seasonal influenza. Make sure to get a shot for yourself and your family members, especially those with asthma and other chronic illnesses. For more on seasonal flu, check out news and information from the CDC and find resources about infection prevention, flu preparedness, and more on the Health and Wellness page on the GCPS website.
    Check out Georgia Commute Options… Sign up for Georgia Commute Options programs, find carpool partners, and log your commute trips to earn cash and win prizes online. On the Commute Options website, you can:
    Find out how much you’re spending on your commute by using Georgia Commute Options Commute Calculator.
    Manage everything, from ride-matching to incentives;
    Use easy “drag and drop” features to log your commute;
    Set text or e-mail log reminders for any day of the week and any time;
    Set alerts via text or e-mail when new carpool or vanpool matches become available;
    Check current enrollment status in any of the Georgia Commute Options incentive programs;
    Find Park and Ride locations and transit routes in the Atlanta region; and
    View or share public pages through Facebook or Twitter log-in.

    A mobile-friendly version of the system is available so users can log commute trips on the go. Go to the website to learn how to improve the way you get to and from work. If you have any questions, call 1-877-9-GA-OPTIONS.

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