Volume 38 , Number 6April 10, 2018

GCPS rolls out metrics to determine
Performance-Based Awards

Need-to-know highlights of this story:
In March, school staff learned about the Performance-Based Awards and the metrics used to determine them.
More than 3,000 Gwinnett teachers stand to be rewarded every year for outstanding work with students in the classroom.
The awards will be distributed in the fall of 2019, based on 2018-19 performance.
Eligible teachers are classroom teachers who provide direct instruction to students and meet other specific criteria.

In March, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) continued the rollout of information regarding the “Performance-Based Awards” component of the Performance-Based Teacher Compensation System. A narrated PowerPoint about the awards and the metrics that will be used to determine the awards was shared with all school staff and has been placed on the district’s website.

With the implementation of these awards, top-performing teachers will be able to earn additional money, above and beyond what they earn on the teacher salary schedule. Based on the framework, more than 3,000 Gwinnett teachers stand to be rewarded every year for outstanding work with students in the classroom. The first recipients of the awards will be determined on the basis of performance in the 2018–19 school year, with the awards being distributed in the fall of 2019.

Learn more about Phase 2
In the Compensation section of the GCPS website, staff
members can find FAQs about the metrics for the Performance-Based Awards and other related resources.
Teachers are encouraged to email additional questions, via Lotus Notes, to Performance Based Awards.
So, who will be eligible for the awards? Eligible teachers are classroom teachers who provide direct instruction to students and meet all six of the criteria below. Eligible teachers must:
Be paid on the GCPS teacher salary schedule;
Receive a TAPS evaluation score;
Have course sections in Synergy for 50% or more of the school day (excluding 00-dot courses like homeroom and lunch);
Count as one full-time equivalent (FTE) employee;
Have been employed and in “non-leave” status for at least 120 of 190 contract days in the school year (with normal sick leave and personal days taken counting toward the 120-day minimum); and
Ensure students took the required designated student assessments.

Dr. Frances Davis, associate superintendent for district performance and community engagement, serves on the core team leading the implementation efforts. She says that work will continue on this initiative in the coming months as district leaders analyze data to verify the fairness, validity, and inclusiveness of the metric calculations.

“This will help us finalize the Performance-Based Awards model before the beginning of the 2018–19 school year, after which no further changes will be made for the first year of implementation,” Dr. Davis says. “And, as always, we will continue to communicate with all stakeholders about the progress.”
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Late-breaking state budget news boosts GCPS’ FY2019 budget
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Gov. Deal amended the state's FY19 budget, increasing the revenue estimate and adding $167 million in additional expenditures for K-12 education.
GCPS will receive an extra $17.4 million of this new funding.
On April 12, GCPS' Board is expected to adopt a tentative budget that includes this additional funding.
The final adoption of the budget is expected May 17, after two public hearings.

In Gwinnett, we like to say that the district’s annual budget reflects an investment in Gwinnett’s schoolchildren, staff, and community. Some late-breaking budget news just two days before the end of the legislative session has given the district some extra funding to invest.

On March 26, Gov. Nathan Deal amended his initial budget recommendations for Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) by increasing the revenue estimate for the state budget. In conjunction with this increase, he also amended the expense budget recommendation by adding $167 million statewide to fully fund the Quality Basic Education (QBE) formula— the formula used to determine funding for the state’s school districts. The fully funded QBE formula means that, for the first time in 16 years, Georgia districts will not feel the pinch from austerity cuts originally put in place during lean financial times. The governor’s amended budget will provide an additional $17.4 million in funding for GCPS in FY19.

The Superintendent’s Recommended Budget for GCPS, released by CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks prior to the governor’s announcement, will be adjusted for the additional revenue. During a public budget work session on April 12, the Board will be briefed on recommendations for the additional state funds and is expected to adopt a tentative budget reflecting the new funding at that session. Public hearings are scheduled May 10 and May 17, with final adoption of an adjusted budget on May 17 and final adoption of the millage rate in June. Coming soon, watch for a special issue of Torch focused on Gwinnett’s FY19 Budget.
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GO Bond will not appear on May ballot
The Gwinnett County Board of Education has rescinded the resolution calling for a General Obligation Bond question to appear on the May 22, 2018, ballot. Considering ongoing growth and continuing capital needs, plans are to call the election at a time in the near future.
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District honors transportation professionals,
salutes top bus managers, monitors

Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Last month, the district honored transportation employees, including award winners Tom Reinhardt, Ray Hushon, Linda Ward, and Chris Smith.

With a focus on safety, personalized service, and accountability, it’s no surprise that Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Transportation Department is considered one of the five best in the country by the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute. GCPS transportation employees are the first staff members to interact with approximately 130,000 Gwinnett students each school morning and the last to wave good-bye in the afternoon. They are charged with the safe delivery of students between home and school, driving the district’s 1,900+ buses more than 23.8 million miles each year. In fact, GCPS is the third largest transporter of schoolchildren in the country.
Tom ReinhardtRay HushonLinda Ward

On March 13, district leaders and School Board members had the opportunity to recognize the district’s transportation professionals for their service to Gwinnett students and their families at GCPS’ 20th Annual Awards Banquet. Highlighting the evening event was the recognition of Thomas Reinhardt, Ray Hushon, and Linda Ward who were named School Bus Managers and Monitor of the Year.

2017–18 Regular Education Bus Manager of the Year— Thomas Reinhardt
Having joined the school district three years ago, Tom Reinhardt drives routes for Discovery HS, Richards MS, and Baggett and Benefield elementary schools. He says his job allows him to do two things he enjoys the most— driving and interacting with others. He adds, “Every day I get the privilege and honor to have a positive impact on the lives of my students.”
2017–18 Special Education Bus Manager of the Year— Ray Hushon
Ray Hushon enjoys his work transporting students with special needs in the North Gwinnett and Lanier clusters, as well as students who attend Northbrook Center and the GIVE Center. He shares, “I try to make their bus ride a learning experience; I know it is one for me.”
2017–18 Special Education Bus Monitor of the Year— Linda Ward
Linda Ward has served for three years as a bus monitor. When asked why she does this job, she refers to the flexible schedule and the ability it gives her to make a difference in a child’s life. She shares heart-warming stories of how special it is to bring joy to some of her students’ days. “They may not be able to speak but they are full of laughter,” she says

The selection of the 2017–18 winners is the result of an extensive process. First, bus
Chris Smith, an automotive/diesel technician in
Harbins Shop 5, was recognized as GCPS Fleet Technician
of the Year.
managers and monitors were nominated by their colleagues to represent their transportation zone. There are 25 regular education zones and 12 special education zones. Nominees then completed both a written test and a test of their driving skills. From the pool of nominees, 11 finalists were selected— five regular education bus managers, three special education bus managers, and three special education bus monitors. A committee of judges selected the winners for each category from among the finalists.

At the event, Transportation Director Don Moore applauded the efforts of all staff members who safely transport Gwinnett students to and from school. In recognizing this year’s winners and others recognized at the banquet, he said, “As a school district, we cannot focus on teaching and learning if students are not at school. Our bus drivers ensure their students arrive safely, on time, and ready to learn. They are the best of the best and we appreciate all that they do for the school system and the students we serve.”
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GCPS announces graduation schedule
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for the district's 22 diploma-granting high schools.
The ceremonies are scheduled from May 21 to May 26, with most at either Infinite Energy Center or local school venues.

The Class of 2018 is just a few short weeks away from graduation! District officials have released the graduation schedule for Gwinnett’s 22 high schools. Watch for an upcoming celebration of GCPS seniors in May.

Most graduations will take place at Infinite Energy (IE) Arena, unless noted in the list below. See the GCPS website for times.

Monday, May 21
Phoenix (IE Theater)
Wednesday,May 23
Peachtree Ridge, Central Gwinnett (stadium), Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC Auditorium), Brookwood (stadium), Collins Hill (IE),
Mill Creek
(stadium), Parkview (stadium)
Thursday, May 24
Grayson, Archer, Berkmar, GSMST (IE Exhibit Halls), Discovery (stadium), Lanier
Friday, May 25
North Gwinnett, Meadowcreek, Dacula, Shiloh
Saturday, May 26
Norcross, Duluth, South Gwinnett, Mountain View

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Upgrade brings improvements to portal
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
The user interface for the Employee Portal has been updated.
The upgrade includes a Search function and other user-friendly improvements.

Over Spring Break, an upgrade to the portal went into effect. Keep that in mind when you visit the Employee Portal as there are a few slight changes to the user interface. In fact, at first glance you might not notice the changes as many are very subtle. However, others should dramatically improve your user experience.

For example, now, when going to the “About Me,” “About Students,” “Tools,” and “Collaboration” tabs at the top, you will need to click to access the tab. The good news for users is that now if you scroll away from the list it does not disappear as it did in the past!

Another great feature for users is the “Search” function which allows you to search for a specific app. Let’s say that you are looking for your W-2 form. With the new feature, it is easy to find. Just type “W-2” in the Search box and it will take you directly to where you can access that information.

These improvements are just a few that have been implemented to provide users with the information they need in a user-friendly way. Hats off to the IMT team for its work to make these changes and for a smooth transition to the new format!
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District leaders approved by Board at March meetings
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Two new principals and several district-level leaders were named in March.

The following school and central office appointments were announced during March:

New Position
Previous Position
Chekquita M. Johnson
Principal, Radloff MS
Assistant Principal, Sweetwater MS
Dr. Tereka R. Williams
Principal, Shiloh MS
Associate Principal, South Gwinnett HS
Bonnie Brush
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Instructional Support
Director of Mathematics,
Curriculum and Instructional Support
Babak Mostaghimi
Executive Director of
Innovation and Program Improvement,
Curriculum and Instructional Support
Executive Director of Innovation and Program Learning, Curriculum and Instructional Support
Dr. Chandra Young Walker
Executive Director of Human Resources Staffing, Human Resources and Talent Management
Director of Leadership Development,
Human Resources and Talent Management
Kevin O. Tomlinson
Director of Broadcast and Distance Learning, Information Management
Coordinator of Broadcast and Distance Learning,
Information Management and Technology
Richard “Rick” C. Taylor
Director of
IT Solutions and Design,
Information Management
and Technology
Coordinator of Applications Programming–
IT Solutions and Design,
Information Management and Technology

Ms. Johnson takes the leadership role at Radloff as Dr. Sarah Skinner transitions to Trickum MS as an assistant principal. And Dr. Williams moves to Shiloh with the transfer of Dr. Eli Welch to serve as an AP at Dacula HS. The moves for both Dr. Skinner and Dr. Welch were prompted by family reasons. Ms. Brush steps into the top role in C&I which has been filled on an interim basis by Tricia Kennedy. Dr. Walker moves to leadership in HR Staffing with the retirement of Dr. Sid Camp. Mr. Tomlinson takes on his new leadership duties with the retirement of Greg LaHatte, while Alain Schoeder’s retirement opens the new position for Mr. Taylor.

Chekquita M. Johnson
Dr. Tereka R. Williams
Bonnie Brush
Babak Mostaghimi
Dr. Chandra Young Walker

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State assessments set for grades 3–8, designated HS courses
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Students in grades 3-8 will participate in Georgia Milestones testing between April 11 and April 24.
Students taking designated HS courses will take End of Course assessments between April 23 and May 9.

During the spring, Georgia students in grades 3–8 and in designated high school courses have an opportunity to show what they know through the state’s summative assessment program, Georgia Milestones, which measures how well students have learned the knowledge and skills outlined in the state-adopted content standards in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

During the testing window, Gwinnett students in grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 will test on four days— two for mathematics and two for English language arts (ELA)— for approximately one hour on any given day. Students in grades 5 and 8 will test for 60 to 90 minutes on six separate days— two for math, two for ELA, one for science, and one for social studies.
Students in grades 3 through 8 take an End of Grade (EOG) assessment in English language arts and mathematics while students in grades 5 and 8 also are assessed in science and social studies. Gwinnett students in grades 3–8 will participate in the Georgia Milestones End of Grade assessment between April 11 and April 24.

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) will analyze assessment results and provide achievement scores to schools and families for each content area. Milestones scores provide information about how prepared a student is to move on to the next grade. In Gwinnett, results from the language arts and math assessments in grades 3, 5, and 8, and math assessments in grades 5 and 8 help to determine promotion to the next grade level. Students who score below required levels on the spring administration of the Georgia Milestones Assessments and are unsuccessful in demonstrating mastery of the AKS in language arts and math may be provided an opportunity to receive additional help online or through summer school and to take a retest.

Results also provide teachers with feedback about instructional practices and assist school and district leaders in identifying academic strengths and weaknesses for planning educational programs to support improvement.

The window for End of Course (EOC) assessments for designated high school courses is April 23 to May 9. The tested courses are 9th Grade Literature and Composition, 11th Grade American Literature and Composition, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, Physical Science​​, U.S. History, and Economics. The end-of-course measures are administered at the completion of the course, regardless of the grade level. These measures serve as the final exam for the course, and contribute 20% to the student’s final course grade. Middle school students taking high school courses in mathematics and science will take the state’s EOC assessment in those subjects rather than the EOG assessment.

Online, families can find tips for supporting their student at test time and, if needed, ways to help a student manage test anxiety.
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Staff members, citizens invited to Area Board Meetings
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
The last three Area Board Meetings are set for April 10, April 12, and April 17.
Audience members can ask questions about the information shared through an interactive mobile website.

The Gwinnett County Board of Education has taken its meetings on the road this spring, as it does each year, meeting once in each Board member’s district. The meetings are a time for the School Board to share information with the public through CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks’ annual state-of-the-school district address, focusing on its strategic direction, recent successes, and new initiatives. This year, audience members have been able to ask questions about the information shared, using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access an interactive mobile website. GCPS’ annual Area Board Meetings are organized by cluster, but citizens may attend any one of the five meetings. All meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the host school’s theater. Refreshments will be served, starting at 6:15 p.m.

Remaining meetings are set for the following dates and locations:

Host Board Member
Host School
District II
Daniel D. Seckinger, 2018 Vice Chairman
April 10
Mill Creek HS
Collins Hill, Lanier, Mill Creek, and Mountain View clusters, and GIVE Center East, Gwinnett Online Campus, and Phoenix HS
District V
Louise Radloff
April 12
Berkmar HS
Berkmar, Discovery, and Meadowcreek clusters, GSMST, Maxwell HS of Technology, and International Transition Center
District I
Carole C. Boyce, 2018 Chairman
April 17
Dacula HS
Archer, Central Gwinnett, Dacula, and Grayson clusters, and Oakland Meadow School

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Rising kindergartner at home?
Attend May 3 registration event!

Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Kindergarten Registration will be held at local schools on May 3.
Families can start registration on the school website, but must complete the process with a visit to the school to submit birth records and required health and residence information.
Parents can find more information on the GCPS website.

And so the adventure begins… If you have a child who will be five years old on or before Sept. 1, then you have some important dates to circle on the calendar. Kindergarten Registration at your child’s new school is coming up on Thursday, May 3!

Families can start registration on the school website, but must complete the process with a visit to the school to submit birth records and required health and residence information.

Here are important details to know:

When is registration at my child’s school? Times and activities for Kindergarten Registration vary from school to school so check the school website or call your school for registration times for the May 3 event.

Who should attend? Rising kindergartners—children who will be five years old on or before Sept. 1—and their parents or guardians should attend. We encourage you to bring your rising kindergartner with you on May 3! Your child will complete a kindergarten entry profile and take part in other activities.

Where should I go to register? Visit the school website to register online and then complete the registration process at your local school on May 3. If you’re not sure which school your child will attend, call the Planning Department at 678-301-7085.

Why should my child and I attend the event on May 3? Your child will complete the Kindergarten Readiness Entry Profile, allowing your child’s teacher to be ready to welcome your new kindergartner on the first day of school— Monday, Aug. 6. (Find other important 2018–19 calendar dates online.) The May registration event also provides schools with time to organize classes and allows families to participate in local school activities that will help children get ready for kindergarten.

What do I need for registration? Come to your local school during registration hours with the required information, including state-required health documents. Allow plenty of time to fill out forms and for your child to be assessed.

Visit the Kindergarten Registration web page for a tipsheet about getting ready for kindergarten and what to expect next year, information about the Academic Knowledge and Skills curriculum, and more!

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State Health Benefit Plan:
Contract expires between BCBSGa, Piedmont

Need-to-know highlights of this story:
The contract between Blue Cross Blue Shield and Piedmont expired April 1.
Until a new contract is approved, State Health Benefit Plan members who use the BCBSGa network will be responsible for higher out-of-pocket costs if they use Piedmont-affiliated providers to receive non-emergency care

On April 1, the contract between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa) and Piedmont Hospital and affiliated medical offices expired. Until a new contract is approved, State Health Benefit Plan members who use the BCBSGa network will be responsible for higher out-of-pocket costs if they use Piedmont-affiliated providers to receive non-emergency care. The following facilities and medical practices are affected:
  • Piedmont Clinic Physician Practices
  • Piedmont Hospital (Atlanta)
  • Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center
  • Piedmont Fayette Hospital (Fayetteville)
  • Piedmont Henry Hospital (Stockbridge)
  • Piedmont Mountainside Hospital (Jasper)
  • Piedmont Outpatient Center at East Ellijay
  • Piedmont Newnan Hospital
  • Piedmont Newton Hospital (Covington)
  • Piedmont Imaging/Diagnostic Centers
  • Piedmont Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Piedmont Urgent Care Centers
Doctors who are part of Piedmont Clinic and doctors who only admit to Piedmont Hospitals and do not have admitting privileges to another participating BCBSGa network hospital also would be considered out-of-network until a new contract is approved. To check the network status of a doctor, use the “Find a Doctor” tool on the BCBSGa website for State Health members or call BCBSGa SHBP Member Services at 855-641-4862.

Find more frequently asked questions about the Piedmont Network status online, including a list of alternative in-network providers available should a new agreement not be reached. Watch for more on this situation from your Local School Benefits Representative (LSBR).

On April 11, State Health Benefit Plan released additional information.
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Get tickets for Gwinnett County Sports Hall of Fame Induction
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Hall of Fame tickets are on sale for the April 30 event.

If you’re a sports fan and want to help support students, teachers, and school programs through the Gwinnett Foundation Fund, Inc., mark your calendar for the gala Gwinnett County Sports Hall of Fame event on April 30. You won’t want to miss the event’s keynote speaker, Coach Bobby Cox, Baseball Hall of Fame inductee and former Atlanta Braves manager, and the induction ceremony for the Class of 2018— Jeff Francoeur, retired MLB outfielder and Parkview HS graduate; former NFL and University of Georgia (UGA) punter Drew Butler from Peachtree Ridge HS; Norcross HS’ Joyce Pierce, a basketball standout at Georgia Tech who went on to a professional basketball career in France; Michelle Green, who led both Duluth HS and UGA to softball championships; and Duluth golfer James Mason, a member of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame and the reigning Georgia Senior Open champion. Learn about sponsorship opportunities and purchase tickets online.
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You can’t vote if you’re not registered!
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
April 24 is the deadline to register to vote in the May 22 primary.
This fall, Georgia voters will elect a governor, state school superintendent, and other state and local officials, and fill statehouse and congressional seats.
Residents can register to vote online, by mail, or during in-person registration drives.
Specially trained staff members in our schools can help eligible students, faculty, and community members register to vote on campus.

Georgia’s 2018 election season opens later this spring. April 24 is the deadline to register to vote in the upcoming May 22 primary when Georgians will determine which candidates will meet in the General Election on Nov. 6 for statewide and local offices, including governor, state school superintendent, statehouse and congressional seats, and other state and local officials. However, you can’t vote if you’re not registered.

Specially trained staff members in our schools can help eligible students, faculty, and community members register to vote on campus. Prospective voters also can submit a voter registration application online or by mail. County residents can call the Gwinnett County Office of Elections at 678-226-7210 with questions. Log on to My Voting Page (MVP) for your registration status, a mail-in application and ballot status, poll locations, information on absentee voting, rules related to change of address, and more. During the last few weeks, we’ve seen civics education in action as hundreds of Gwinnett high school students registered to vote during special registration drives held at their schools. To be eligible to register, a student must be a U.S. citizen, a legal resident of a Georgia county, and at least 17½ years old. (Young people must be 18 on or before Election Day to exercise their right to vote.)
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EB Bulletin Board

What's new on the bulletin board?
Need-to-know highlights of this story:
Check out Bulletin Board items with the latest on.. new instructional resources, GOC registration, summer options, DLI registration, a newly named facility, the latest Essentials newsletter, recent online Communiqué stories, the next Spotlight, registration details, JA volunteer opportunities, the latest from GCPS TV, flu news, Perks, and commute alternatives
Board adopts instructional resources… At its March 15 meeting, the Board adopted proposed instructional resources for grades 4–12 in the area of science education, grades 9–12 in the area of career and technical education, and SAFARI Montage online resources. An instructional resources review was conducted during the fall to gather feedback from staff, parents, and community members. The adopted materials come at a cost of $6.4 million for science, nearly $23,000 for career and technical education, and $5.2 million for SAFARI Montage.
Online Campus accepting additional students for 2018–19Registration for full-time students at Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) for the 2018–19 school year will be open April 10 to May 4 to fill remaining slots in grades 4–12. Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration process is not complete until all required documents are presented to the school office. GOC’s registrar is available Monday to Thursday, 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m., and Fridays, 8:30 a.m.–2 p.m. Once a grade level is full, a waiting list will be established. Families can request an information packet online.
Register for HS summer classes… Gwinnett high school students can catch up or get ahead with summer classes. Registration is open for online classes and for face-to-face summer classes available at three locations. June 3 is the deadline to register for online summer classes through Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC). The face-to-face summer program is conducting online registration through June 4, with in-person registration for face-to-face classes set for June 4 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Discovery HS. Online, learn more about summer options for high school students, including rising 9th graders.
DLI registration open through May 10… Families of rising kindergartners interested in GCPS’ Dual Language Immersion program at eight schools—Spanish at Annistown, Baldwin, Bethesda, Camp Creek, Ivy Creek, Level Creek, and Meadowcreek elementary schools and French at Trip ES— can learn more on the district website. Registration for the 2018–19 school year runs through May 10 at 3 p.m. (Families also must register at the school to which their child is zoned.) The schools will accept transfers if available slots are not filled by students in the school zone. Out-of-zone families must provide transportation.
Trickum MS names outdoor theatre… The Gwinnett County Board of Education approved a recommendation from the Trickum MS Local School Council to name the school’s outdoor theatre in honor of Kay Sands who served as the school’s principal from 2008 to 2016 and saw the need for an outdoor venue to benefit students in the Parkview Cluster community.
Check out Essentials newsletter… The spring issue of Essentials takes a look at the some of the ways GCPS supports safe, secure, and successful schools as well as brief notes on summer school, information and opportunities for rising kindergartners, budget dates, an invitation to Area Board Meetings, and more!
And, find the latest from Communiqué… Communiqué is the district’s digital magazine, sporting new content every day or two. Recent and upcoming posts include kudos for national and state awards, a feature on a student-led community celebration, a focus on the fine arts and promoting positive behavior, student voter registration drives, an anniversary celebration, summer options, videos from around the county, plus calendar updates, dates and deadlines on the Bulletin Board, and the latest episode of In5ive. Story ideas? Great photos? Feedback? Let us know at communique@gwinnett.k12.ga.us.
Something to celebrate?Share your good news with your colleagues in Spotlight. If you have earned a state or national award, earned a degree, made a presentation, or had work published, send the information to the Spotlight mailbox via Lotus Notes, or to the Communication and Media Relations Department through the courier. Submissions for the last issue of the year are due April 13. Submissions after the deadline will be included in the back-to-school Spotlight. Check out the latest issue of Spotlight.
2018-19 registration continues for some schools and programs… Some reminders about remaining registration dates and information sessions:
Maxwell High School of Technology: Registration for the 2018–19 school year is underway.
Grayson HS Technical Education Program: Online registration for 2018-19 continues. Students can apply from any GCPS computer, and must be in the GCPS network to apply.
JA Discovery Center needs volunteers!… If you've paid a bill or had a job, your life experiences qualify you to be a successful volunteer at the Junior Achievement (JA) Discovery Center at Gwinnett! Staffed by JA volunteers-- including parents and community members-- the center provides GCPS 6th and 8th graders with hands-on experiences in day-long simulations to explore the work world and personal finance. Volunteers receive training (and a Chik-fil-A lunch) during their shift, which typically runs 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Potential volunteers can check the Volunteer Hub for available dates. Note that dates marked (Gwin) are for the GCPS center located on the campus of Discovery HS in Lawrenceville. Share this opportunity with friends and family or consider volunteering yourself. Contact Kyle Redner by email at kredner@georgia.ja.org to learn more.
Find latest Focus Moments on GCPS TV… These are just a few of the recent videos from GCPS TV:
— Celebrations of the fine arts: Check out student photography at the Shutter Sense exhibit, Black History Month at Summerour MS, middle school theater in Dramarama 2018, and County Dance Day 2018.
— STEM in action: See how Coleman MS students experienced a day in the work life of an engineer and visit the Gwinnett Science, Engineering + Innovation Fair.
— The HEAT is on: Celebrate a decade with our adapted sports program, the Gwinnett HEAT.
— Literacy gets a boost: Find out who won the Readers Rally and learn how a Little Free Library at Suwanee ES is encouraging readers.
— Latest in Career and Technical Education: Celebrate the county's top CTE students and see how a community partnership with CVS is bringing real-world opportunities to Shiloh HS students.
Put ‘GCPS Perks’ at your fingertips with Foundation app… Thanks to the Foundation’s mobile app, GCPS employees have easy access to employee perks and discounts via their smartphone! Perks include special offers and discounts from local and national businesses. With the app, users also can make a donation, purchase event tickets, catch up on Foundation news, and contact the Foundation team. Download the app today for your iOS or Android device.
Check out Georgia Commute Options… Sign up for Georgia Commute Options programs, find carpool partners, and log your commute trips to earn cash and win prizes online. On the Commute Options website, you can:
Find out how much you’re spending on your commute by using Georgia Commute Options Commute Calculator.
Manage everything, from ride-matching to incentives;
Use easy “drag and drop” features to log your commute;
Set text or e-mail log reminders for any day of the week and any time;
Set alerts via text or e-mail when new carpool or vanpool matches become available;
Check current enrollment status in any of the Georgia Commute Options incentive programs;
Find Park and Ride locations and transit routes in the Atlanta region; and
View or share public pages through Facebook or Twitter log-in.

A mobile-friendly version of the system is available so users can log commute trips on the go. Go to the website to learn how to improve the way you get to and from work. If you have any questions, call 1-877-9-GA-OPTIONS.

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