Volume 41 , Number 8April 28, 2021

CEO/Superintendent's Message:

Together, we will finish this school year strong… #GCPSStrong
J. Alvin Wilbanks
In early August, I asked our employees for their patience, understanding, and cooperation in helping us to achieve a positive and safe start to the school year. We implemented plans that allowed Gwinnett County Public Schools to do something many other districts still have not done… successfully and safely returning our students to learning in both digital and in-person environments. And, although these plans did not garner unanimous support, you carried them out. Working together, each of us did our part in order to make this a successful year for our students.

In a year unlike any other year we’ve experienced, I am reminded, yet again, that no other district has the good fortune to have the team we have in Gwinnett—caring and concerned professionals who get the job done and keep the focus on our students and their needs. Last year, when presented with the challenge of school closures, you pivoted quickly to digital learning. This year, you have dealt with a range of other issues… dealing with changing guidance on how to safely serve students in our buildings, learning new ways of delivering instruction, supporting our schools and students in new and different ways, and determining how to care for students—academically, socially, and emotionally. When political turmoil, social unrest, and incidents of racism and violence gripped our nation, your first concern was for our students and how we could support them and celebrate the diversity of our community.

Our Board of Education’s beliefs and commitments remind us of this adage from our nation’s formation... E pluribus unum. “Out of many, one.” This year emphasized the fact that each of us is important to the success and future of this school district. We are GCPS! And, this year, we have proven that we are GCPS Strong. On behalf of your Board of Education, I thank you all for the work you have done this school year and for the work you will do during these final weeks of school. Together, we will finish this school year strong. Again, thank you for all you do for Gwinnett’s children, each other, and our community.

CEO/ Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks

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GCPS launches appreciation campaign for staff
The 2020–21 school year has been a successful, yet challenging, year. The end of the year is traditionally a time when we celebrate several employee groups on nationally designated days. While we will do that again this year, we also want to acknowledge that our success this year was due to the collaborative efforts of all employees. Now is a great time to say “thank you” to the school district’s nearly 22,000 employees—those who teach and those who support teaching!

As we celebrate the end of the school year and the amazing work of our employees this year, the district is inviting students, parents, employees, and community members to send their thanks, encouragement, and appreciation to GCPS staff members by completing an eCard submission form. (See eCard designs at left.) Submitted eCards and messages will be delivered via employees’ work email address. In addition, families will have access to printable thank you sheets so children can send handwritten notes.

Starting May 3—the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week—the district will roll out the appreciation campaign and a dedicated web page with the thank you sheets and eCard form, reaching stakeholders via social media, the district website, GCPS TV, and internal and external newsletters as well as promotional support at the school level.

GCPS also is encouraging social media users to show their support for our students, staff, and schools by using the #GCPSStrong hash tag on social media and downloading the #GCPSStrong social media frame for their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profile photos.
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District begins search for next superintendent
The Gwinnett County Board of Education officially launched its search for Gwinnett County Public Schools’ next superintendent on April 5 with the posting of the Superintendent Search Announcement and a Community Input Survey. The announcement includes an overview of the school district and the Gwinnett community and outlines the qualifications the Board is seeking in its next leader.

In kicking off its search, the Gwinnett School Board is encouraging stakeholders to take part in the process. Over the next few weeks, the survey will remain open, requesting input from employees and community members on the characteristics and experiences they feel a candidate for superintendent should have to best suit the district. The survey, which is open to all in the community—including students, parents, teachers, school and district staff, Gwinnett County residents, and area business owners—will be open through May 16. To ensure broad input, the survey is posted on the Georgia School Boards Association’s website and the district website. GCPS families and staff members also received the survey link via SchoolMessenger after spring break, and schools are providing their communities with information about how to participate. The closing of the survey on May 16 coincides with the application deadline.

Information from the survey will be provided to Board members for their use in the selection process. The search timeline calls for interviews to be conducted this summer and finalists for the position to be named in July. By Georgia law, the Board will make an announcement at least 14 calendar days prior to the meeting at which final action or a vote is to be taken on the position. At that time, information concerning as many as three persons under consideration whom the Board has determined to be the best qualified for the position shall be subject to inspection. The Board can vote on the appointment at any time after that 14-day period.
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GCPS FY2022 budget:
Addressing COVID impact, focusing on teaching and learning, valuing employees, managing resources responsibly

Each year, Gwinnett County Public Schools develops and adopts a budget for the next fiscal year beginning on July 1. The district’s accurate and conservative approach to budgeting has enabled it to achieve balanced budgets during challenging economic times while delivering on the promises GCPS has made to its stakeholders. For FY2022, there is some good news. With growth in the local property tax digest for the eighth straight year and additional revenue from the state, GCPS will be able to balance its budget, provide raises for its employees, and implement several improvement items. The proposed FY2022 Budget—tentatively adopted by the School Board on April 15—benefits students and employees while also ensuring the district remains a responsible steward of taxpayers’ dollars.

The Superintendent’s Recommended Budget calls for $2.4 billion in the six funds that comprise the Total Budget. The proposed General Fund, which represents 78% of the Total Budget and funds the primary day-to-day operations of the school district, accounts for $1.8 billion of the total (a 2.2% increase).

Revenue sources for FY2022
GCPS will receive an additional $48.9 million (net increase) in state funding due to a number of factors.

  • $60.1 million due to lower levels of austerity reductions from the state;
  • $12 million for projected growth in student enrollment;
  • $1.4 million for state-funded portion of teacher salary step increases (compensation for training and experience) and the additional certificated employees who will be enrolled in state health insurance plans;
  • $5.8 million due to an increase in the rate of employer contribution to the Teachers Retirement System;
  • A $20 million formula deduction in the district’s Local Five-Mill Fair Share, a required cost of participating in the state’s Quality Basic Education (QBE) funding formula.
  • A decrease of $6.1 million from the previous year in Equalization Grant earnings.
  • A decrease of $4.3 million in one-time state grants.
    In terms of local funding, the property tax digest is expected to grow by 2%, resulting in an increase of $19.9 million in local property tax revenue. Title ad valorem taxes, real estate taxes, and intangible taxes are expected to grow a combined $11 million over FY2022. The proposed budget does not recommend an increase in the property tax millage.

    Increased costs for benefits and new staff to support growth for FY2022

  • Approximately $15.4 million in added salary/benefit costs will be incurred to fund 189 additional teacher/instructional support positions to accommodate expected enrollment growth of 2,542 students.
  • Funding the rate increase for the employer-paid portion for the Teachers Retirement System will result in an additional cost of $7.4 million.

    Salary improvements for employees in FY2022

  • A $1,000 cost-of-living increase for all employees paid on the teacher salary schedule ($14.6 million).
  • A 2% cost-of-living increase for all employees not paid on the teacher salary schedule ($8.4 million).
    About federal stimulus funds…
    In addition to its FY2022 budget, GCPS is addressing how to best use federal stimulus funding to support students— academically, socially, and emotionally— as the country recovers from the pandemic.
    It is important to note that this funding is separate from the district’s budget.
  • A salary step increase for all eligible employees will cost approximately $18.5 million. Some 95% of current teachers and 60% of classified employees are expected to get a salary step increase.
  • Funding to increase substitute teacher pay.

    Other improvements

  • Funding for five additional social workers;
  • Additional personnel and support to further develop and expand the curriculum for artificial intelligence, computer science, and civic engagement; and
  • Enhanced operational and maintenance support for buildings/grounds, information management, and information security.

    The following budget-cutting measures will remain in place

  • School staffing allocation formulas are unchanged. Schools will continue to receive positions to accommodate student growth. Average student: teacher ratios will remain consistent with current school year.
  • Central office operating budgets will remain relatively the same and vacant district positions will remain unfilled to the extent possible.

    Find additional details in the Recommended Budget.

    What’s next in the budget process?
    Next steps are two public hearings, scheduled for May 20 at 6 p.m. and June 17 at 6 p.m. Following these hearings, the Board will adopt the budget and set a tentative millage rate. The final millage rate adoption will take place in July.

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  • Board approves April leadership appointments
    The Board approved these leadership appointments at the regularly scheduled April Board Meeting.

    New Position
    Current/Previous Position
    Dr. Sally Lehmann
    Principal, Burnette ES
    Assistant Principal, Knight ES
    Mark D. Moon
    Principal, Chattahoochee ES
    Assistant Principal, Winn Holt ES
    Dr. Tereka Williams
    Executive Director of
    Continuous Quality Improvement,

    Human Resources and
    Talent Management
    Principal, Shiloh MS
    Alison Papuga
    Director of Business Solutions, Information Management
    and Technology
    Coordinator of Applications Programming, Information Management and Technology

    Dr. Lehmann will move to her new role with Burnette as Kim Reed retires at the end of the school year. Jeff Lee’s retirement opens the position at Chattahoochee for Mr. Moon. Dr. Williams will transition to her new position, previously held by Assistant Superintendent Jay Nebel. Ms. Papuga fills the vacant position resulting from Charley Humble’s move to lead the Transportation Department.

    April Leadership Appointments
    Dr. Sally Lehmann
    Mark D. Moon
    Dr. Tereka Williams
    Alison Papuga

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    District builds leadership pool, makes strides in diversity efforts
    In the late 1990s, Gwinnett County experienced explosive population growth, and, with that growth, a need for more schools and more school leaders. For 25 years, the district has worked to recruit, train, and retain high-quality leaders through its robust leadership development programs. GCPS’ Quality-Plus Leader Academy (QPLA) serves as a model for other districts for best practices in equipping both novice and veteran leaders with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to lead world-class schools as Quality-Plus Leaders.
    QPLA has several distinct programs. The Aspiring Principal Program (APP), which prepares assistant principals for the principal role, has had 269 graduates in 14 cohorts. Of those APP graduates, 215 have been appointed to leadership roles, with 126 serving currently as principals and 30 others serving as district leaders. Since its inception, the Aspiring Leader Program (ALP), which prepares teachers for the leadership transition to an assistant principal role, has had nearly 600 graduates in its 12 cohorts. Of those ALP graduates, 550 have been appointed to a leadership position, with 389 serving as current assistant principals and 26 now servings as principals in the district.

    “Researchers repeatedly underscore that the impact that effective principals have on student achievement is only second to that of an effective teacher in the classroom,” says Dr. Jeff Mathews, GCPS’ assistant superintendent for leadership development. “This research reinforces the significance of investing in our people and the ‘leader ‘leader pipeline’ through the recruitment, training, and selection of highly effective leaders.”

    Through QPLA, GCPS has been intentional in its work to improve the diversity of its leader corps in order to improve educational opportunities for students. In 1996, just one in 10 (10.8%) of leaders in the district were leaders of color. Today, nearly 43% of GCPS principals and assistant principals are leaders of color, compared to a national average of about 20%. District-level leaders are an equally diverse group. That said, GCPS is focused on recruiting and preparing QPLA candidates as we work to increase the number of Hispanic and Asian leaders in the district.

    Quality-Plus Leaders focus on...
  • Customers;
  • Data-driven decisions;
  • Teamwork;
  • A passion for quality;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Education and training for all; and
  • Rewards and recognition.
  • “A diverse pool of teachers and leaders is essential to meet the needs of our diverse student population,” says Dr. Mathews. “While we have made steady progress toward increasing the diversity of our leaders, we are constantly reflecting on our practice and refining our programs.”

    Other QPLA programs include a District Leader Program, Certified Quality Leader Training, professional learning opportunities and ongoing leadership support for current principals, and a districtwide focus on Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

    Interested in information regarding QPLA programs? Contact the Leadership Development Office at 678 301-7299.
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    Ride the wave of learning this summer!
    This summer’s K–8 learning experience—GCPS’ Summer Enrichment + Acceleration (SEA program)—has been redesigned with the goal of helping all students, while ad- dressing learning losses that occurred during the pandemic. The focus on enrichment and acceleration is intended to help students get a head start on next year’s learning. There is no charge to families to participate in these summer learning options.

    SEA activities will focus on accelerating and expanding on student learning for the current grade and previewing what students will learn at the next grade level. In addition to the acceleration, students also will participate in enrichment opportunities outside the core subject areas, taking part in engaging activities and learning typically offered in Specials and Connections courses.

    The four key SEA opportunities are:

  • In-Person SEA Program—In-person program available by invitation for ES and MS students who teachers feel would benefit most. (June 14–July 2)

  • Rising K Academy—In-person program for children registered for kindergarten in the fall at a GCPS school. (June 14–July 2)

  • Digital SEA Program—Self-paced digital format available to all students, accessed through the Student Portal. (June 14–July 16)

  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Enrichment Camps—Week-long enrichment camps hosted by Duluth HS for interested students (grades 8–12) to earn an industry-recognized certification. (June)

    Students participating in the in-person SEA Program and the Rising K Academy will attend the program from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, during the three-week session. Class sizes will be small and safety practices like masks and physical distancing will remain in effect during this summer learning time. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all in-person participants at no charge.

    Students participating in the self-paced digital SEA program will be able to access online lessons and activities for summer enrichment by logging into the MyeCLASS student portal.

    Learn more about SEA in this GCPS Talks SEA Q&A session from GCPS TV, and watch for additional program details in coming weeks. If you have questions about the SEA program or would like to provide feedback on GCPS’ plans for the summer, please send an email to SEA@gcpsk12.org.
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  • It’s time to register for kindergarten
    Gwinnett County Public Schools is busy planning for our students’ return for the 2021–22 school year on Aug. 4, including the first day of school for our newest students—kindergartners who will be in the graduating Class of 2034! Parents and guardians of children who will be five years old on or before Sept. 1, are encouraged to register their new kindergartner in an easy, two-step process:

  • Step 1—Complete online registration on the GCPS website.

  • Step 2—Schedule an appointment at their child’s new school before May 28 to verify information, complete a kindergarten readiness profile, pick up materials to help their child prepare for school, and learn about exciting summer enrichment opportunities for their new kindergartner! Families can confirm their child’s school at bit.ly/GCPSSchoolLocator.

    Completing online registration will help schools be ready to welcome our new kindergartners and ensure that registered children are eligible for summer enrichment activities. Learn more on GCPS’ Kindergarten Registration web page.
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  • Register for DLI by May 13
    Our rising kindergartners have an opportunity to develop proficiency in a new language in Dual Language Immersion (DLI) classrooms at nine schools— Spanish at Annistown, Baldwin, Bethesda, Camp Creek, Ivy Creek, Level Creek, and Meadowcreek elementary schools; French at Trip ES; and Korean at Parsons ES. DLI registration for new kindergartners starting school in 2021–22 is open through May 13 at 3 p.m. Families complete DLI registration on the DLI school’s website. The schools may consider transfers if available slots are not filled by students in the school zone and families provide transportation. In addition to completing DLI registration paperwork, families should complete registration for kindergarten, including online registration on the district website and a registration appointment at their child’s assigned elementary school.
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    Juniors need meningitis booster at 16
    Georgia law requires that students without a documented exemption be vaccinated against meningitis, a serious bacterial illness that affects the brain and spinal cord. Starting in 2021–22, all students entering or transferring into 11th grade will need proof that they received a meningococcal booster vaccine (MCV4) on or after their 16th birthday in addition to the MCV4 vaccine required for 7th graders. Rising juniors who are not 16 years old should wait to get the vaccine until their 16th birthday. Check for health department locations and hours of operation online.
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    BOE adopts instructional resources for 2021–22
    The Gwinnett County Board of Education adopted instructional resources for select courses in the areas of language arts, social studies, foreign language and dual language immersion, and career and technical education at the April 15 meeting. This core materials adoption will cost approximately $4.8 million.
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    Share feedback on Ga. K-12 math standards by April 30
    Last chance… The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) is asking for feedback on the Georgia K-12 Mathematics Standards. The GaDOE hopes to receive feedback from all stakeholders, including educators, parents, students, and representatives from business and industry and higher education. The survey is available through Friday, April 30, until 5 p.m. Online, find a brief survey on the proposed K-12 Mathematics standards. Upon adoption by the state board, these standards would be implemented in the 2022-23 school year.
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    Do your part to safeguard GCPS from ransomware attack!
    This school year, nearly 30 U.S. school districts have fallen victim to ransomware attacks. In fact, CBS News reports that K–12 school systems have become the leading target of ransomware crooks, with an estimated 1,000 schools and 1 million students affected in ransomware attacks in the past nine months.

    What is Ransomware?
    Ransomware is a type of malware that cybercriminals use to infect computers and encrypt computer files until a ransom is paid. If the cybercriminal’s demands are not met, the encrypted files remain locked and unavailable to the victim. Even after a ransom has been paid, cybercriminals sometimes demand additional payments or refuse to decrypt the locked files. After the initial infection, Ransomware will at- tempt to spread to connected systems, including shared storage drives and other accessible computers.

    So, how does Ransomware work?
    After Ransomware infects a device, it identifies the drives on the infected system and begins to encrypt the files within each drive. Ransomware generally adds an extension to the encrypted files such as “.encrypted” or “.locky,” or something else unusual and specific to the ransomware scam to show that the files have been encrypted. Once the Ransomware has completed file encryption, it creates and displays a file or files containing instructions on how the victim can pay the ransom. If the victim pays the ransom, the cybercriminal may then provide a cryptographic key that the victim can use to unlock the files, making them accessible again.

    How could my computer become infected with Ransomware?
    Ransomware is commonly delivered through phishing emails. Phishing emails often appear legitimate, even appearing as though they came from someone you know and trust. When you click the link or open the attachment in a phishing email, a malicious code is run that will infect your computer or network with Ransomware.

    What can I do to prevent a ransomware infection?
    Carefully inspect every email, every attachment, and every link you receive. If the email is suspicious, do not reply, reply to all, or forward the message to any other person. Do not open any attachments or click any web links.

    How can you tell if an email is suspicious?
    Beware of unknown senders or sensational subject lines. Look at hyperlinks in the message carefully to identify fraudulent URLs by hovering your cursor over the link until a pop-up shows you the true destination. Also, beware of red flags such as misspelled words and poor grammar within the email itself as well as promises of free gifts or prizes. And, be especially wary of any requests to verify your username, password, account number, or any other sensitive information.

    If you suspect you have received a malicious email or if you believe your computer has been infected with Ransomware, contact your TST or LSTC or the Customer Support Center right away! You also should forward any suspicious email messages to Phishing.Spam@gcpsk12.org. Delete the email from your inbox, Sent folder, and Trash folder to permanently dispose of the message. Remember tips like these to stay cyber-savvy… at work and at home!
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    ‘Topping Out’ Seckinger HS
    On April 23, GCPS and Carroll Daniel Construction continued the tradition of holding a “topping out” ceremony to celebrate the move to the next phase in a large construction project—in this case, the construction of Seckinger HS. The new school, which will open in August 2022, will anchor a “theme cluster” with a focus on artificial intelligence.

    After remarks from dignitaries—including Brian Daniel, president/CEO of Carroll Daniel Construction, Architect Jeff Miller, GCPS’ CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks, and retired board member Daniel Seckinger for whom the school is named—those in attendance had the opportunity to sign the beam that will be used to “top out” the new building.

    Watch for more about Seckinger HS and the new cluster during the 2021-22 school year.

    Photos, clockwise from top…

  • The signed beam is ready to place.
  • CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks signs the beam,
  • Mr. Wilbanks and retired Board member Daniel Seckinger at the event.
  • Mr. Seckinger speaks to the attendees.
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  • GCPS is hiring… Pass it on, earn an incentive
    The school district has openings in several high-needs areas, including these:
  • Staffing directors and principals are conducting virtual interviews through May 7 to hire special education teachers in all areas for the 2021-22 school year. Eligible candidates can apply online or register for a virtual interview on the website.
  • GCPS drivers enjoy competitive salary ($17.63–$24.98/hour), excellent benefits, paid training, and summers off! Learn more at an upcoming career fair and apply online. (posting #70814)
  • GCPS is hiring substitute teachers at rates from $108/day to $120/day. Learn more and apply online. (posting #68471)

    Refer a friend
    Don’t forget that any current GCPS employee can earn a referral incentive by recommending qualified candidates who are hired by the district in high-need areas, including:

  • Special education teachers (any field) ($300);
  • Regular education teachers (Mathematics, Science, Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, Foreign Language, and Language Arts) ($250);
  • Speech-language pathologists ($500); and
  • Bus Drivers ($250).

    Watch the website and social media for upcoming career fairs.

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  • EB Bulletin Board

    What's on the Bulletin Board?
    Need-to-know Highlights of this story:
    Check out Bulletin Board items with the latest on… support for seniors, HS summer classes, a charter extension, a renamed road, GCPS TV videos, Essentials, Spotlight submissions, podcast platforms, recent online Communiqué stories, and Perks.
    Make plans to support seniors, watch your favorite senior graduate… Coming soon—Watch for details on the GCPS website and social media accounts on how you can add a profile frame to your social media accounts to show your support for the Class of 2021 or feature your own senior! GCPS will hold in-person graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2021 between May 24 and May 31! Due to limited seating, GCPS graduations will be live-streamed, allowing families and friends to view the ceremonies. See the GCPS website for dates, times, and locations of the ceremonies. As the school year wraps up, look for the special Communiqué issue—A Celebration of the Class of 2021!
    Register for HS summer classes… High school students have just a few more weeks to register for summer classes. GCPS offers high school students four ways to learn for credit this summer.

  • Online summer classes (June 7–30). Register through May 30.
  • Face-to-face summer classes (June 14–July 7) offered at Collins Hill HS, Duluth HS, and Parkview HS. Register through June 4.
  • GCPS Community Schools summer classes, including Health and PE. Check the website.
  • Credit Recovery for students who previously took a course and were unsuccessful. Contact your counselor for approval.

    To address COVID-related learning gaps, GCPS will pay for up to two summer classes for high school students needing to retake a class previously failed. GCPS students taking a course for the first time pay $250 per course. Rising 9th graders may take Health and/or PE at Duluth HS, online, and through some Community Schools.

  • Board grants one-year extension to charter school… ICYMI, Board members approved a one-year extension of North Metro Academy of Performing Arts’ charter petition. The extension will carry the school through June 30, 2022.
    BOE approves name change for road leading to Rams’ football field… The road leading to the Grayson HS’ football field has been renamed Charlie Conn Way. Mr. Conn is a long-time volunteer and supporter of both the football program and the school, helping to raise funds for bleachers and a strength center, helping with field upkeep, and advocating for better lighting and widening of the road that now bears his name. The Local School Council at Grayson recommended the name change for the road to acknowledge Mr. Conn and his selfless efforts to better their community, and the Board approved the request.
    Watch recent Focus Moments on GCPS TV… These are just a few of the recent videos from GCPS TV: Check out scenes from our districtwide Black History Month celebration and a GCPS TV profile of a talented North Gwinnett MS art teacher and her Black History Month murals. Celebrate our CTE Student of the Year from Peachtree Ridge HS and our STAR Student and STAR Teacher from Brookwood HS. See how Jones MS is tackling misinformation and how the district’s social workers support our students and their families. Enjoy a very special performance by students with special needs in the Mason ES Bell Choir. Meet some of GCPS’ current students and future teachers on Teacher Signing Day and some special visitors to Berkmar MS and Five Forks MS.
    Coming soon, watch for Essentials…In the spring issue of Essentials, the newsletter for GCPS families, we focus on need-to-know information for the end of the school year, a look ahead to 2021-22, a message from CEO/Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks, and the launch of an appreciation campaign coming in May. You’ll also find celebrations of award-winning students and staff who are shining bright!
    Last chance to submit an item for Spotlight!… Share your good news with your colleagues in Spotlight. If you have earned a state or national award, earned a degree, made a presentation, or had work published, send an email to the Spotlight mailbox, or send the information to the Communication and Media Relations Department through the courier. Find the Fall issue online. Submissions for the Spring issue are due May 3.
    Check out the latest episode of ‘Teaching Gwinnett’… “Teaching Gwinnett”—a district-produced podcast hosted by Bernard Watson, GCPS’ director of media and community relations—features in-depth and informative interviews, like this one about the district’s Dual Language Immersion program and this one about how our counselors support students.

    Find the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Google Play Music, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Overcast, Pocket Casts, iTunes, the Apple Podcast app, and the district website. Subscribe today!

    Find the latest from Communiqué… Recent and upcoming posts to the online Communiqué include a gallery of photos from the “topping out” ceremony at the new Seckinger HS, important reminders and calendar items, a host of staff and student honors, senior celebrations, staff recognitions, and more. Check the magazine frequently for the latest news! Story ideas? Great photos? Feedback? Let us know at communique@gwinnett.k12.ga.us.
    Finish the school year with employee discounts… Get "GCPS Perks" at your fingertips with the Foundation’s mobile app. GCPS employees have easy access to employee perks and discounts via their smartphone! Perks include special offers and discounts from local and national businesses. With the app, users also can make a donation, purchase event tickets, catch up on Foundation news, and contact the Foundation team. Download the app today for your iOS or Android device.

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